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Following up works! One buyer under-contract!

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Got in another contract yesterday for 1098k

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WINNER WINNER $990,000 DEAL FIRMED The lead came into our system on July 09


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A Letter From Our Founders

From: Sam Everett & Raul Daian, Founders
Re: Why you should consider us...

What an awesome question, if you weren't at least a little skeptical I would be worried. Unfortunately, this industry is full of "fly-by-night" companies who overpromise and underdeliver.

In reality, it is incredibly simple to create an ad and a website and make a video claiming that you're the best, which is why most people get tricked into thinking what they're about to do is the best thing for them.

What is not easy to do however is to

  • work with 1,000 agents
  • host dozens of online masterminds with hundreds of people,
  • spend millions of dollars of your own money on advertising,
  • have your clients renew, refer, and ascend because they're seeing so much success,
  • build a team of 25+ A-Players who are on the same mission,
  • host massive company retreats,
  • devote a quarter of your life to one cause.

That is what you get when you work with us at Evolved Agents.

We've "been there and done that" and continue to iterate and improve our products and our services so that we can become the #I company in the world for real estate client acquisition.

I'm proud of our products, I'm proud of our company, and I'm proud of the way we work with our clients.

We spend an unbelievable amount of time perfecting our client success process. Every single step of our journey together is meticulously taken, making the most optimal client experience possible.

We seek not to just deliver results but to delight you during the entire process. We'd be eternally grateful if you considered partnering with us and allowing us to help scale your business so you can earn more, have a larger impact, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Until then...

To Your Success,
Sam Everett & Raul Daian
Founders, Evolved Agents

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